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8 Keys To Effective Communication

Effective communication is a learnable and teachable skill, however, these few tips listed above will enable you to develop your communication skills effectively.

Keys to Effective Communication.

What is effective communication?

Effective communication is the ability to convey information to another person efficiently and effectively. Managers who have good verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills help share their knowledge with others in the workplace more effectively.

Interpersonal communication between managers and their employees is a critical foundation for effective performance in an organization. F.m Jablin has identified five communication skills. Namely :

  1. Expressive speakers: Being expressive can in other words said to be outspoken. If/ when a supervisor air out their thought, feelings, and ideas. It enables the people to know what they want to stand for their beliefs, and how they feel. At this point better communication sets in.
  2. Empathetic listeners; Recognizes the feeling of how others and how their emotions are dimensioned also ideas and issues. These sets of supervisors are approachable and willing to listen to suggestions and complaints.
    Effective Communication - Keys To Effective Communication
    Effective Communication
  3. Persuasive leaders: these sets of supervisors encourage others to achieve results instead of telling others what to do. Also, they are not directive or manipulative in their influence attempts.
  4. Sensitive to feelings: supervisors are concerned about the self, image and feelings, and psychological defenses of their employees. They are been taken care of to endeavor their well-being is a priority. It basically enhances their self-esteem and links up to persons’ real talent abilities and achievements so as to connote effective supervisory communication.
  5. . Informative manager: Having mentioned other types of effective keys to communication. These processes get the people well informed. As we know that communication is the dissemination of information so with information communication is useless. They get to know the changes and policies governing the organization.

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How Can I Improve my Communication Skill?

  • Think before you speak – When you are about to make a speech or reply to a conversation pause for a moment and pay close attention to what you want to say and how you say it. This will aid you or help you avoid unnecessary embarrassment.
  • Be a good listener. Generally, people like to be heard. When listening and it seems like you don’t understand, don’t feel intimidated or think you would sound stupid, ask questions and seek clarification to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Write Things Down – When listening to people, jot or write things down. This simple act will aid you to remember vivid points as you don’t really have to rely on your memory.
  • Treat Everybody equally – You don’t really have to talk down on people to communicate effectively. Treat everyone right and with respect.
  • Who you talk to matters – You should stay professional and use formal language when writing emails to colleagues, bosses, clients, or students. Words like “What’s up?”, “Hey“, “Talk to you later” or any type of informal dialogue can be offensive and needlessly hold up the communication process.

    You cannot assume that the person you are speaking to understands what your initials entail. Keep this in mind when you’re trying to get your message across by specifically targetting the person you are speaking to.

  • Your Body Language Matters – When communicating avoid crossing of arms and don’t forget to maintain eye contact so the other person knows and understands that you are paying attention.
  • Be brief and concise – When writing or speaking, practice being brief but specific enough that you provide enough information for the other person to understand what you are trying to say.

    With practice, you will learn to never ramble or give too much information. Whether responding to an email or messaging someone through social media, make sure you read their entire message before crafting your response.

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  • Maintain a positive Attitude – When conversing with someone, smile, as your positive attitude will reflect hence the other person, will observe or notice. When you smile often while conversing the other party tends to reply faster because you exude positive energy.

How Communication Leads globally.

  1. Converse with people: It creates an ability to converse with people.
  2. Don’t rely on your device: A real conversation is more valuable than a digital one.
  3. Be Concise: say a few words that are better and necessary.
  4. Add value: you should look for a way to add value every time you communicate
  5. Consistency: When you are consistent in your word, tone and all other forms of communication you begin to create a personal.
  6. Be honest: integrity in communication is being the same person with the same opinion all the same time.
  7. It Boosts Confidence Level.


Whenever a group of people interacts, communication sets in or takes place. No organization can be in proper existence without effective communication. It could be via symbols and many more.

When people communicate they differ not only in non-verbal behavior and language but in the degree to which they provide and seek information. A popular model for describing differences in communication style is the  JOHARI WINDOW.

The Johari window is derived from its developers. The Johari is a grid that describes tendencies for facilitating or hindering interpersonal communication. Communication flows in 3 directions in an organization namely:

  • Downward
  • Upward
  • Laterally.

The network for informal communication in an organization is the organization grapevine, and it has its characteristics one of which isn’t controlled by the management.

It handles communication that formal communication cannot handle. Effective managerial communication skills help overcome some but not all barriers to communication in an organization.

This is one of the traits good leaders possess, the ability to communicate effectively, which emphasizes the importance of communication skills.

Effective communication is a learnable and teachable skill, however, these few tips listed above will enable you to develop your communication skills effectively.

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