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The Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biography?

Your biography is a written description of your life or career as it was described by you in a series of interviews, with any additional information coming from research as needed. Interviews with important colleagues, workers, members of your family, or anyone else are all acceptable. You can tell your story whatever you choose since it is yours. If you like, we can explore as far back in your genealogy as you like.

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How do I prepare my Biography?

There is nothing you need to do before our initial meeting. However, if you want to write the book right now, you may ask friends or family members if they have any specific memories they would like you to add. You might also start by making a list of the people, places, things, etc. that immediately come to mind. Your chapter headings might be based on these concepts.

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Why should I write my story??

  • Share your experience, expertise, and wisdom by writing your story. Who knows who may be affected, how they may change, or how they may be motivated?
  • Write your narrative as therapy since it will aid in your recovery. Writing about your experiences might help you deal with your emotions and let go of your grief.
  • To leave a legacy for your loved ones and friends, write your narrative. People who will remember you long after you pass away, such as your children and friends, will be appreciative if they know more about you than just your name.
  • Because your life matters, write about it.
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I’m not really good at writing. But I do have a great story. What shall I do?

You are in the appropriate place. You will be supported along the process with coaching materials, templates, and word lists and encouraged to just express yourself in your writing.

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Who would want to read my story? It's boring!

What have you endured, survived, and succeeded in, let’s be honest?

Answer: An explosive century of war and peace, industrial and scientific advancement, global communication, the sexual revolution, man on the moon, spiritual confusion, the information superhighway, global dialogue, reconciliation, robots, medical advancement, cloning, communism, nationalism, and more all play out against the backdrop of love, loss, adventures, difficult times, moments of pride, growth, decay, rebellion, and occasionally indifference. both the finest and worst of times.

Quite boring? No, not even for a split second!

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How do I request a lyrics of a song?

Before requesting a transcription of the lyrics for a song, please check to see if the lyrics already exist under the artist’s page on the site. The music you looking for might have been uploaded with a different title, listed on a separate artist page (especially if the song’s a collaboration or a cover of another piece), or uploaded in the forums.

If you can’t find the song you’re looking for, you should fill in the lyrics request form. To reach it, follow the menu at the bottom of the page -> FAQs-> Request Lyrics

Note that most fields can be left blank if you’re unsure of the artist. The only mandatory fields are a link to a sound or video file, and the language (you may select “Unknown” if you don’t know it).

If you’re going to ask for lyrics of a song that’s performed in more than one language, please add the names of the languages in the comment section or in the title field, between parenthesis.

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I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

You can Visit ArenaHub Contact Us Page or feel free to join our different community platforms and post your questions on our dedicated support Channels.

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