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How To Build A Healthy and Happy Marriage

How to Build a Healthy and Happy Marriage

In every happy marriage, there are reasons that made those couples have made it so long together. We are going to discuss those reasons, tips, or facts for a healthy and happy marriage.

It takes work to have a healthy marriage it might be stressful at the beginning but believe me, it’s possible, and just knows that in the long run you will testify and see that with these simple facts and truth you can have a happy and healthy marriage.

Just like good diets and constant exercise can help you have a healthy body/look, there are tips you can follow to have a healthy marriage (Remember individuals and approach differs).

How to Build A Healthy and Happy Marriage

Here is some great advice To Build A Healthy and Happy Marriage:

  • Focus on each other’s strengths.

For every human being, it’s not an easy task to overlook another ones previous annoyances, short coming and weak points.

7 Principles For Making Marriage Work

However, in order to have/build a happy marriage you have to accept your spouse/strengths and weaknesses and be able to set practical expectations, if you are good in the kitchen and that’s her weakness, you can make it up and ensure that you assist her in that area and believe me when we help our partner use their strengths we experience more relational contentment.

  • Improve In Your Communication Skill.

Communication can be defined as the means of sending or receiving information. Also, it is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

How To Build A Healthy and Happy Marriage

The ability to relate or communicate with your spouse is relational to how they express their feelings to each other. You should never assume your partner knows what you are thinking or feeling.

7 Principles For Making Marriage Work

Telling your spouse what is going on is key. Then as a spouse, know when to simply listen. For effective communication, there must be a listening ear. Learning to really hear your partner is a skill that may require practice. Pay attention and do it often, you would see it work.

  • Forgive Each Other.

Forgiveness is a hard and tricky but important virtue in a marriage especially since no one is perfect. If your partner hasn’t spilled the oil already, just know that your partner is going to do something that hurts, frustrates, or upsets you. But the key to quick forgiveness is when you make a mistake, act quickly to apologize, and fix problems. By so doing, you encourage forgiveness and happy marriage.

How To Build A Healthy and Happy Marriage

  • Explore Common Interests.

When couples do things separately it’s not bad but common interests are important to healthy and happy marriages. A common interest may be playing video games or exploring new places together, going for walks, or playing cards. The goal is to have something to do together that you both can enjoy.

  • Don’t expect your partner to complete you.

Most times this is functional in rational movies, it does not commonly fly in the real world. If you rely on your spouse to fulfill you, it can lead to a dependent or over-dependent relationship where you are not growing as an individual. I would rather say couples should COMPLEMENT and not COMPLETE one another.

7 Principles For Making Marriage Work

  • Appreciate each other.

It’s always easy to take someone whom you are with all the time for granted. Your partner or spouse needs to feel appreciated and encouraged for the things we do doing right. If your partner doesn’t feel valued he/she may become bitter and they may begin to grow apart.

How To Build A Healthy and Happy Marriage

Many partners/couples grow closer/deeper when they share some form of spiritual connection. This can be achieved through worshipping together (family, church, synagogue, or mosque), through meditation, or by simply spending intimate time together or by having an intimate conversation.

  • Learn To Negotiate Conflict.

Conflict is a non-disputable part of any relationship. However, excess of it might become emotionally and sometimes physically unsafe. Fixing/ negotiating conflicts in a relationship start with understanding what the issues are, how to discuss them, how to fix them and how to avoid occurrence.

7 Principles For Making Marriage Work

  • Spend Time Together.

Spending time with your partner makes them understand their differences and how to negotiate the problems they may cause. Healthy marriages need quality and quantity time. Plan regularly scheduled date nights and weekend activities. If it is not immediately possible, then make it a goal that you will work to achieve and ensure it is achieved.



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