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How To Plan Your Day Effectively

Proper planning helps an individual to realize that not everything you do is important and that it is important to focus on practical tools.


As individuals, our life is a sum total of our daily routine, decisions, and choices. Most times, we get to the end of the day and start asking ourselves questions like “what did I really do today?” how come I didn’t achieve much today?” all of this can be resolved by an effective daily plan.

Also, do you sometimes feel like you don’t have time to focus on your priorities? Well, this article will provide practical and tested tips on how to prioritize and then create a plan to keep your day running while achieving a lot.


Prioritizing and planning daily tasks is one of the major keys to productivity. Prioritization helps an individual to realize that not everything you do is important and that it is important to focus on practical tools such as:

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  • Think Ahead

When you hear of Think Ahead, this doesn’t literally mean scheduling/ planning out every minute of your day. It means using the power of routine to take some things off your list. The power in routines actually helps you build momentum, stop bad habits, prioritize your lives and make yourself more efficient.

Investing in your routine is the most powerful way to take charge of your day and improve your overall wellbeing. Giving yourself a heads up on what the next day will look like, helps you to be mentally prepared the next day when you wake up – it scrapes time wasting and energy when your day’s plan/schedule is ready and waiting.

  • Brainstorm on all specific tasks throughout the day:

At this stage, organizing the list is not required. This brainstorming stage will become the basis for the daily activities plan, this involves pondering and meditating on plans and things to be done for the day and week as you so desire.

  • Focus on Specific Tasks:

This involves putting together everything that is considered to be done in a day. Make a specific list containing all items listed out.

  • Routine Planing:

When you do your planning at the same time of the day, you create a habit and this helps to keep you on track while your body tries to adjust to the new routine. The planning can be done the night before or in the morning; this depends on what works for you.

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  • Write out your plans daily:

This is good time management practice. The key is to take the time to put down what you want to get done daily. What are your priorities? Is there a deadline coming up?

Make a list of the important things that you need to get done. The act of writing your plan clears out your brain, so you don’t get tied up trying to remember what you want to do.


This can be done with software that helps in daily planning or on paper. The key to success is to use what works for you.

Include plans that were not accomplished the following day, always designate a specific day weekly that will be used for a weekly review of the previous week and the entire plan for the next week.

Are there other ways you think about How To Plan Your Day Effectively? Don’t forget to use the comment section.


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