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10 Best Bird Feeders With Cameras In 2022

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Have you thought of what it’ll be like to be able to see whos visiting your bird feeder when youre away from home? It’ll probably feel like one of the most interesting things is happening when Im not around.

There is a way to not have to miss any of the action though.  Wild bird feeder camera systems can record whats happening at your feeders when youre away from home, or even allow you to watch whats happening live from wherever you are.


  1. BirdDock Smart Bird Feeder With Camera & App

The Bird Feeder with Camera has a 165-degree wide-angle, enabling you to view the arriving birds during the day and night as well as hear their calls. The camera is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries and a Type-C charging cable. To playback video, insert an SD card or cloud storage (The Product includes 2×18650 batteries but no SD card).

Moreover, according to the similarity of birds’ head recognition, the app connects to Wikipedia and informs you what sort of bird you have encountered and where it originated.

The arched eaves overall design is excellent for preventing birds from raining, the bottom of the trough has many drainage outlets, and the bird standing pole is made of imitated bark texture. Lets not forget about functionality this smart bird feeder with a camera also comes with a huge transparent food storage area of 720 ml.

> Pros:

Intelligent recognition function

Support multi-device connection

> Cons:

Before you may use it normally, this product must be linked to the internet.


1080p HD video

Night vision camera

Waterproof design

BirdDock Smart Bird Feeder with Camera WiFi APP Install, Quality Visual Storage Feeders.

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  1. Miwasion Bird Feeder With Camera & App

This is another wireless bird feeder with a camera, but this uses a window-style bird feeder. The diameter of an outdoor bird feeder is approximately 5.1 inches (13cm). The height is 3 inches (7.5cm), the built-in suction cup can be adsorbed to the wall and the hanging chain may be hung where you wish. Multiple users can view in real-time via the camera, which supports multiple users to watch in real-time.

Miwasion smart bird feeders bundle includes comprehensive installation instructions. The cameras remote connection may access the real-time video from any place using the app.

You may share the video from your computer to social media when you use remote viewing. Simply download and install their app on your iPhone or Android phone, then follow the directions to set up the routers WiFi connection.

> Pros:

Includes bird feeder

Easy to install

> Cons:

The instructions may be more difficult to understand


Detachable cleaning

Adopts excellent materials

Multifunctional use

Miwasion Bird Feeder Camera, Smart Bird Feeder, Bird Feeder House with Wireless WiFi Bird Camera…

Check Price

  1. Birdhouse Spy Cam Hawk Eye HD Camera

This device can be used as a bird feeder camera or to monitor the progress of nesting birds inside your birdhouse. This camera works best in larger birdhouses like those used for baby owls and ducks because the camera focuses better at a range of at least a foot or so away from the birds.

The camera comes with 100 of cable so you can watch from quite a distance away. The 10 LED lights produce only infrared light that birds cant see, so you dont have to worry about disturbing your feathered friends in the nest box.

This camera can be plugged into your TV for live viewing or viewed and recorded on your computer. You will love watching the eggs hatch and the chicks develop in your nest box with the hawkeye birdhouse spycam. 

> Pros:

Has night vision

Easy to use

Compact size

> Cons:

Not wireless


100 cable

10 LED lights

Sound recording

Birdhouse Spy Cam BCAMHEHD Hawk Eye HD Camera (Set of 1)

  1. GoPro HERO9 Black Waterproof Action Camera

For those birdwatchers who arent afraid to use (or learn to use) more complicated gadgets, GoPro cameras are about the best option available. These tiny cameras are so versatile, and capture such great images and footage, that bird feeder photography could soon become a full-on hobby of yours.

You can set your GoPro up in any way you like but a small tripod often comes in handy around birdbaths and feeders. These bird feeder cameras can be used for live streaming or to record pictures and video.

> Pros:


Amazing quality images and videos

Many upgrades and modifications are available

> Cons:

Might require additional equipment


Waterproof construction

5K video

Slow-motion video

Live Streaming feature

Wide-angle lens

Wind and noise reduction

Motion sensors

  1. Blink Outdoor HD Security Camera

These little recorders make great wireless bird-feeder cameras. They alert you when motion is detected on the camera so that you can watch your bird feeders or nest boxes live from wherever you are. These cameras are built for the outdoors, so theyll work great no matter the conditions.

These cameras can be used to store recordings on the cloud (subscription required), or you can opt to store data on the supplied sync module. You will need a USB flash drive to access the data stored on the sync module, however.

> Pros:

Easy to install

2-year battery life

> Cons:

Some features require a monthly subscription


Live view and recording

Wire-free design

Motion-activated alerts

1080p video resolution

Check Price 

  1. BlazeVideo WiFi Trail Camera

With this model, you can preview live recordings using an app on your phone. The night vision function is great for recording nocturnal creatures like owls because the infra-red lamps do not disturb their natural activities.

Although they are not designed for monitoring bird feeders, Ive managed to capture great images and videos of all sorts of birds and wildlife with this kind of motion-activated camera. Setting these cameras up on a tripod makes getting the right shot a lot easier.

There is one secret to success with this kind of camera, however. Whether there is a bird at the feeder or not, these cameras will record movement so a swinging bird feeder on a windy day or swaying branches in the background will result in a whole lot of bird-less footage. To prevent this, set your bird feeders on a stable pole system.

> Pros:

Easy to use

Captures great footage automatically

> Cons:

Bulky size


Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

Water and dust-proof

Ultra-fast 0.2s delay

  1. APEMAN Mini H40 Trail Camera

The Apeman mini trail camera is highly portable and small enough to be easily concealed near your bird feeder. Its designed to take photos and shoot videos without disturbing the little birds while theyre feeding.

The photo quality is 16 megapixels and the video quality is 1080P. This ensures that you get nice, clear photos while the camera is recording. Plus, it has a lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.4 seconds.

This means you wont miss a second of recording when theres lots of activity around your feeder. The camera is also equipped to shoot at night with low glow LEDs. This allows you to check whether any other animals are visiting your feeders while the hummingbirds are asleep.


> Pros

16mp photo quality & 1080P video quality

Time-lapse function

Inbuilt timer

Continuous shooting function

Uses only 4 x AA batteries and you can use rechargeable ones

Comes complete with a 16GB TF card


> Cons

The motion sensor may not trigger past 35 feet

The instructions can be a little difficult to understand


  1. Birdhouse Spy Cam Hawk Eye High Definition Camera

This tiny spy cam measures only 1.75 inches x 1.75 inches x 1 inch. Therefore, its super easy to conceal very near your bird feeders. It has an in-built microphone so you can capture sound as well as movement.

It comes with two 50-foot detachable power cables so that you can plug them directly into your TV or computer. If you have a home security monitor, it may plug into that as well. That way you can record the activity and watch the playback.

The night vision on this camera is excellent as it uses 10 infrared LEDs. And dont worry, the infrared wont disturb the birds because they cant actually see it.



Powerful night vision camera

Small enough to be easily concealed

Captures sound as well as movement


This camera does not record video. You have to plug it into a TV or computer to see and hear live what the camera is seeing. However, with appropriate apps, you can create your own recordings.

The camera is not waterproof so needs to be protected from inclement weather.


  1. Moultrie Wingscapes TimelapseCam Pro

This is a rugged time-lapse camera that captures images at regular intervals. You can then turn these images into a video by using downloadable software. It features a high-resolution lens with a variable focus.

The case is weatherproof and lockable. This means you can safely leave it outside even in bad weather and it will still record. You have the choice of 4 resolution settings from low (2115 x 1188p) to high (6080 x 3420p). This allows you to capture 1080P HD videos in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The camera comes with standard quarter-inch tripod mounts. These are compatible with the included mounting bracket.


> Pros

The flash is equipped with 24 white LEDs that can capture movement up to 25 feet away

Compatible with the Moultrie mobile wireless modem Mv1

Works with SD/SDHC Class 4 memory cards or higher.

Uses eight AA batteries that will last approximately 6 months


> Cons

This camera does not have a motion sensor. Instead, it takes continuous time-lapse images.

It can be difficult to get the focus just right


  1. Campark Mini Trail Camera

This waterproof mini trail camera can capture 16mp quality photos and 1080P high-definition videos. Its tiny and only measures 6 x 4.25 x 3.5 inches. This means that its easily concealable near your bird feeders.

The motion sensor can detect movement up to 65 feet away so its fairly powerful. Plus, the camera is easily mountable with the included mounting rope and screws. The camera also has super night vision with infrared LEDs and a 120-degree wide-angle lens.


> Pros

Has a 2 inch LCD monitor to preview photos and videos

Produces clear images and videos

Features a 120-degree wide-angle lens

IP56 is waterproof so the camera will operate even in inclement weather

Easy to install with the mounting belt or a tripod

Can be hooked up to your computer via the included USB cable

> Cons

You need to purchase an SD card separately

Nighttime photos may not be as clear as the video

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