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20 Google Tricks You Didn’t Know About

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Google Tricks You Didn’t Know About


Google is the most used search engine and the most visited website in the world. Fun fact:  Last year people used Google to search about pretty much everything for an astounding two trillion times (2,000,000,000,000).

However, do you know that you can use Google not only for searching content on the web? Google not only holds tons of data but also shows you more relevant and precise search results for your search query. It is refining its search engine more and more to make it better than before.

Google can be used to do many things, including converting, calculating, comparing foods, getting important pieces of information, and even playing. Search on Google is simple and clear. There are many interesting and funny searches hidden with many productive tools and search operators that will make your search even faster and more efficient.

How can you do that? All you just have to do is type some easy commands as a search and you are done.

You can do these sorts of Tricks with Google:

  1. Search content from a specific website

If you want to search for something from a specific website just type content site: site name. Type the content that you want to search followed by site: command.


  1. Google Sphere

If you are getting bored with plain search pages, Google sphere will bring search pages into an interactive spinning orb.


  1. Search with missing letters/words

Many times it happens you know what you are looking for but don’t remember the exact phase then this search option is just for you. You can search with an asterisk (*) as Google uses it as a wildcard which means it will substitute any word or letter with an asterisk. missing


  1. Find similar website

If you are looking for more information from related websites or links to any specific website and want to check other similar websites. This search option will help you. Use related: command to find a similar website or service to a particular website. Search for related: specific website. related


  1. Do a barrel roll

Want to have fun with your search results try “do a barrel roll” and hit search. “barrel roll”


  1. Check Flights

If you are planning to go somewhere or want to check out any flight then you can find out the exact information about flights directly from Google search in just no time. Find out the airline and flight number and search for it and you will get the exact results. “flight”


  1. Find World Time

You can search and check the time of different cities around the world by typing time: command followed by city’s name. You might not know but you can also search for time across entire areas. E.g Time: Delhi


  1. Conversions

If you want to do any conversion like currency conversion or distance you are allowed to do so. Follow the syntax: <amount><unit1>in <unit2>.unit


  1. Language Translation

Want to find a specific meaning of the world in a particular language. There is an easy and quick way to do so, type translate <word> to <language>.LNG


  1. Calculator

Google gives you a calculator function that is far more powerful than you ever realize. From basic calculation to complex, from logarithmic function to constant calculations it will perform everything for you.


  1. Define

Google’s dictionary function allows you to get the meaning of any work you want to. It will tell all about its tense and other related information. Search for define:<word>


  1. Exclude Irrelevant Words

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the result that has two meanings or some close association with something else. You can search for specific results by excluding its second meaning. Exclude irrelevant results by using sign-.


  1. Weather Forecasts

Google will tell you everything related to weather including today’s weather, level of precipitations, winds, and humidity, and also weather forecasts for the entire upcoming week.


  1. Set Timer

Google allows you to use it as a timer. Just put set timer<time> in the address bar.


  1. Stuck in a search loop

Whenever you will type recursion in your address bar, Google will take you into a specific loop.


  1. Play The Hidden Games With Zerg Rush

Type Zerg Rush in your address bar and Google will show you a game. For the first time, this surely will surprise you.


  1. Binary To Hexadecimal Conversion

If you are trying to convert a binary number to its respective hexadecimal, take help from Google.


  1. Play Game

Get bored don’t worry play a game to relax. Type Atari Breakout in your address bar and this will bring an amazing game to be played by you.

  1. Google Can Decide What To Eat


  1. Anagram

If you ever include Anagram in your search bar, Google will make anagrams for you.

Other tricks include:

  1. You can ask Google for information about festivities
  2. Compare foods’ nutritional facts.
  3. Type “Google gravity”, click “I’m feeling lucky” and see what happens
  1. You can use Google as a calculator
  2. Even for calculating the right tip
  3. You can even play… Try to search for “Atari Breakout” into Google images and enjoy…
  4. A little easter egg: type “do a barrel roll” and actually watch Google doing a barrel roll
  5. Every time you include the word “anagram” in a search, Google will do anagrams for you
  6. If you type a minus before a word, Google will exclude it from the search

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Yogesh Kumari. (2015, September 8) 20 Google Search Secret Tricks You Did Not Know.

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