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How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

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How To Use Snapchat On Windows - 2022

How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

Snapchat is listed/known as one of the most popular social media platforms. It can easily be installed and used on Snapchat on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Snapchat is meant to be used on smartphones. However, if you want to install Snapchat on your computer or laptop then this article will guide you.

Unfortunately, Snapchat seems to make it harder for users to access their accounts from anything but a compatible iOS or Android device.

In this article, we have listed easy methods how to use Snapchat on a PC.

How Snapchat Used to Work on a Computer

The only way users used to access Snapchat on a PC was by downloading an Android emulator. An Android emulator is software that imitates the android system so you can download and use mobile apps from the Google Play Store.

With this emulator present or actively installed on your computer, you can download the official Snapchat app. One of the widely used and most popular Android emulators is called BlueStacks.

How To Get Snapchat On PC or Laptop?

As mentioned earlier, the exclusive means to install Snapchat on a Windows PC is by using an Android emulator.

Bluestacks is one of the most noted and perhaps the top well-optimized Android emulators that execute as an Android phone.

Here’s how you can download and install the official Snapchat app for PC/Windows on the Bluestacks emulator.

  • Download the Bluestacks emulator, locate the .exe and install the file on your computer.
  • After installing, sign in to your Google account on Bluestacks.
  • Next, open Playstore and search for “Snapchat
  • Then, Install the application and use the Snapchat app.

It is worthy to note that during the initial installation process you may experience app crashing and log-in problems. Nevertheless, Bluestacks will automatically correct the problems.

In conclusion, related to Windows 10 laptops you can get Snapchat on a MacBook or iMac using the Bluestacks emulator.

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How to Use Snapchat on Your PC

Snapchat has been in the process of banning (or already has prohibited) the use of snapchat on emulators, making no other alternatives for successful usage on PCs.

Nevertheless, You can try these below procedures listed anyway to see if it works for you, NOTE: you might experience issues or may not be able to sign in to your Snapchat account when you are about to log in.

  1. Visit the BlueStacks download page in your desirable web browser on your PC.

  2. Click on Download BlueStacks to download the BlueStacks installer.

    Bluestacks Android emulator - How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

    Bluestacks Android emulator – How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

  3. Double-click the .exe file that downloaded to your PC.

  4. You will see an installation window appear. Click on the blue Install Now button and wait for the download and extraction to be completed.

    Bluestacks Install now - How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

    How to use snapchat on PC – Bluestacks – How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

  5. Once installation is complete, BlueStacks will automatically open. Now, locate and Double-click the Google Play Store app to open it.
  6. Click on Sign In and log into your Google account by providing your email/phone number and password in the provided fields.

    How to use snapchat on PC - Bluestacks Sign in

    How to use snapchat on PC – Bluestacks Sign in – How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

  7. Once you have successfully signed in to your Google account, go to the Google Play Store, which looks the same as how it would look on an Android device.

  8. Once done, locate the search field at the top and type “snapchat” and hit your Enter key, or choose the first snapchat option that appears in the drop-down menu.

  9. The official Snapchat app will appear. Click on Install to install it.

  10. Once the installation process is complete, click on Open to open Snapchat.

  11. Snapchat will now open in a new tab inside BlueStacks, the same as how it would look on a mobile device. Click Log In to enter your Snapchat username (or email address) and password.

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What to Do If You Can’t Log In to SnapChat on a PC

If you should enter your login details correctly, you might still receive a message indicating, “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.” The issue is not your account or your account details. It’s probable Snapchat is not allowing you to gain access to your account because it has noticed you’re trying to sign in from an emulator.

Regrettably, you can’t do anything to resolve this problem except contact Snapchat support to express your reason about why you think users should be able to use Snapchat via emulators like BlueStacks and the rest.

Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

Get Snapchat On PC Without Bluestacks?

As we have noted earlier above, Bluestacks is one of the most reliable android emulators.

With that said, it has many imperfections related to it. Accordingly, if you face any problems while using Snapchat on Bluestacks, you can try these alternative Snapchat emulators.

1. Nox App Player

Nox App Player is some other reliable Snapchat emulator which can enable you to use Snapchat on a computer.

You can easily install this emulator on your Windows or macOS computer. The process of downloading snapchat on Windows PC using Nox App Player is related to that of Bluestacks.

Nox App Player Android Emulator

Nox App Player Android Emulator – How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

This android emulator provides one-click installation without any unwanted software or third-party apps. Nox App Player is updated regularly and it works without crashes.

2. KOPlayer

This for us is the next best Android emulator for running Snapchat on a Windows PC.

However, this emulator’s main objective is to run games and resource-intensive applications on a Windows PC.

KOPlayer Android Emulator - How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

KOPlayer Android Emulator – How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022

Accordingly, you won’t observe any lags or performance-based problems in the course of using Snapchat on KO Player.

Concerning Bluestacks, you can straight away install Snapchat on Windows 10 computers from the Google Playstore with the same process listed above.

3. Remix OS Player

This is one of the best emulators for using Snapchat on Windows PC.

This is an active emulator that offers trustworthy performance and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. You can play/ use almost every Android game or application on the Remix OS Player.

Remix OS Player Andoid Emulator

Remix OS Player Android Emulator – How To Use Snapchat On Windows 2022



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