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Top 10 Smart Home Devices Below $25

Top Smart Home Devices Below $25

The smart home space is flooded with a variety of devices, but some are better than others. Smart locks are prime examples — some brands offer cutting-edge technology for phenomenal prices, while others can leave you frustrated and empty-handed.

What’s the best smart lock to buy? There isn’t just one answer. But Smart Home Reviews has cross-referenced several roundups of expert opinions with customer reviews available online to help consumers decide which ones they should buy and which ones they should stay away from.
Back in the day when the first computers were created, it seemed illogical to even consider the fact that one day you would be able to see a computer in each household. However, we’ve come so far that not only have computers become a basic necessity of life, but billions of us carry a mini computer in our pockets every day in the form of smartphones.
A few years ago as engineers began developing “smart” technology for regular homes, the ability to control your thermostat, lights, or appliances remotely seemed too futuristic to ever be practical.
From smart light switches that make your regular bulbs interactive to smart voice assistants that can help you control your entire home and so much more, smart home technology is in its golden age. But the best part is that not all of these smart accessories for your home have to cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you have the right sources to find them.

Smart Accessories For Your Home Under $25

We’ve created a list of smart gadgets, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and smart accessories under the $25 price tag so you can enjoy the high-tech future without running your bank account dry.

1. Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet (2 Pack) – $24.99

The fundamental problem with adopting a smart home is the dilemma that makes you wonder what to do with all of your current “non-smart” home lighting and appliances. With the Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet, you can turn any piece of technology into an inter-connected smart device.
Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet
Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet – Smart Home Devices Below $25
You can simply plug this into any board in your home, connect it to a table lamp, your music system, or even a kitchen appliance, and control it not only through a mobile app, but also through Alexa and Google Home with just a single voice command.

2. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb – ($19.94)

Brought to you by TP-Link which is better known for networking accessories than electrical equipment, the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb may be the most expensive lightbulb you’ll ever buy, but here’s why it’s worth it.
Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb
Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb -Smart Home Devices Below $25
Unlike other smart LED bulbs that are cheaper but need a Hub to be controlled, this LED Bulb is standalone, meaning that it can operate directly through the official app or the voice assistant of your choice. There are even special variants that not only offer dimmable lighting but multicolor and higher brightness settings as well.

3. LIVOLO 3-Switch Smart Touch Switch – ($24.50)

If your lights and appliances are going to be smart, it only seems fair that your home switches also appear equally smart, and with the LIVOLO 3-Switch Touch Switch, they do.
LIVOLO 3-Switch Smart Touch Switch
LIVOLO 3-Switch Smart Touch Switch – Smart Home Devices Below $25
While there is no “smart” element associated directly with the switchboard itself, the fact that the three buttons are touch sensitive and built with a tempered glass surface makes it worthy of being noticed around your home. Each of the three buttons has a colored backlight (Red and Blue) to indicate whether it is turned on or off.

4. Iris Contact Sensor – ($24.99)

Whether you’re living in a dorm where you suspect that someone’s snooping through your stuff, or just want a way to know if someone has been opening the refrigerator while you’re away, smart home management has never been easier with the Iris Contact Sensor.
Iris Contact Sensor - Smart Home Devices
Iris Contact Sensor – Smart Home Devices
The simple two-piece gadget can be practically installed anywhere, notifying you when something is opened or closed in its proximity using the mobile app, while also giving you a constant temperature reading of the environment where it is installed.

5. Amazon Dash Button – ($4.99)

While this feature exclusive to Amazon Prime users may be a few years old now, it does not make it any less impressive. Amazon Dash Button is just what it sounds like – a simple button that is programmed to a single brand or product (Red Bull, Tide, Pampers, etc.), at a single press of which you can directly order the product using your connected Amazon Prime account.
Amazon Dash Button - Smart Home Devices
Amazon Dash Button – Smart Home Devices
While the Dash Button does cost $4.99 to purchase, you get the same amount credited to your account when you use the service to order a product, so it is essentially free to use!

6. Raydem Smart Power Strip Surge Protector – ($14.99)

For all of those times when you have multiple low-power electronics connected in a group, a power strip with a surge protector is a good idea.
The only thing that could make it even better is the Raydem Smart Power Strip which comes with three outlet plug points and 4 USB ports with 5V/4A fast charging for you to hook up electronic device cables to.
Raydem Smart Power Strip Surge Protector - Smart Home Devices
Raydem Smart Power Strip Surge Protector – Smart Home Devices
The best part is that every one of these ports comes with smart controls that can be accessed not just through its official app, but through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well.

7.Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera – ($25.98)

Back in the day, you needed to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get video surveillance and security up and running in your home, but Wyze Cam brings it for a fraction of the cost.
Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera - Smart Home Devices
Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera – Smart Home Devices
The tiny home security camera comes with an impressive 1080P Full-HD recording capability that works with 2.4GHz networks across the plane and offers a list of impressive features such as Night vision for up to 30 feet.

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Motion Tagging technology, sound and motion detection, and live streaming support, all of which are relayed directly to your mobile phone through the Wyze App for Android and iOS.

8. Tile Mate Key Finder – ($19.97)

Do you know someone who is always losing the keys to the house or can’t keep a track of where they left their phone? The Tile Mate is your configurable personal belonging tracker that helps you find anything you’ve connected it to.
Tile Mate Key Finder - Smart Home Devices
Tile Mate Key Finder – Smart Home Devices
Using the paired smartphone app, you can make the Tile Mate ring whenever it is nearby, or even find your phone by pressing the button on your Tile Mate twice. The tracker comes with a non-removal battery so it is only good for use at one time, but since it lasts a year without any charging involved, it sure is worth it.

9. Nexlux Wi-Fi Wireless LED Smart Controller – ($14.99)

If you already have a premium-quality lighting setup in your house, it may seem quite a waste to swap them out completely for smart lighting.
This is where the Wireless LED Smart Controller from Nexlux offers you the ability to simply switch out the hardware of the LED strips with something smarter, enabling you to control everything through an app or simply through voice commands.
Nexlux Wi-Fi Wireless LED Smart Controller - Smart Home Devices
Nexlux Wi-Fi Wireless LED Smart Controller – Smart Home Devices
With support for 16 million colors, different lighting modes, and timer settings, you can even configure multiple Nexlux Smart Controllers to work in a group and turn your regular lighting strip into smart strips instantly.

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10. TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver – ($21.99)

If you have a really good set of home entertainment speakers that don’t offer modern connectivity features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, they simply cannot be used with your smart voice assistant for automatic playback.
TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver - Smart Home Devices
TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver – Smart Home Devices
But thanks to the TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver, you can not only modernize your old and outdated sound system and amplifiers but also connect them directly to your Google Home and Amazon Alexa the easy way. Thanks to the support for NFC devices as well, connecting mobile devices and even smartwatches is easier than ever.


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